Sudan, DFP 1200 cows

On request of Kenana Sugar Company Van der Ploeg International designed and delivered equipment to set up a complete dairy farm project for 1200 cows to house their local crossed dairy cattle.

The dairy farm project is designed especially according the hot local climatically conditions and consist of two dairy cow stables and one young stock stable. The feeding- and manure alleys are made from concrete, but the rest is sand paddocks. The two stables are designed with inside and outside paddocks. During the warm period the cows prefer to stay in shade, but when temperatures are more moderate the cows can go to the outside paddocks.

The dairy cows are divided in production groups where they can be fed according milk production, lactation stadium and age.  All cows can be fixed in self-locking feeding fences for vaccinations, inseminations, pregnancy check etc.

Manure is removed from the manure alley by a scraper that is fixed on the tractor.

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